Bausch and Lomb Microscope

August 4, 2012

Read a post on my new acquisition, a Bauch&Lomb compound binocular microscope, a high quality tool, put to some good use to capture a few micro photographs. It can get up to 1000X with its current optics.


Atten ADS1102CAL Oscilloscope

June 17, 2012

For my first oscilloscope, I opted for the Atten ADS1102CAL. A few months after, I could say I’m extremely happy choosing this robust device, that does an excellent job on my workbench.


Projection keyboard

May 26, 2012

The laser keyboards use laser and infra-red technology to create the virtual keyboard and to project the hologram of a keyboard on a flat surface.


Tube: IVL1-8/13 (ИВЛ1-8/13)

January 26, 2012

The device consists of a hot cathode (filaments), anodes (phosphor) and grids encased in a glass envelope under a high vacuum condition. The cathode is made up of fine tungsten wires, coated by alkaline earth metal oxides, which emit electrons when heated by an electric current.


BlackBerry Splash Screen

January 12, 2012

A tutorial with code that presents an easy way to show a splash screen in your Blackberry application. Show the first Splash-Screen, wait a few miliseconds, than load the rest of your application.