Tube: SBM-20M Small Geiger Muller

October 4, 2015

Pictures: Details: Compact Geiger Muller tube, the SBM-20M shows an excellent sensitivity for its small size. It was designed for hard beta and gamma radiation, and the particular tubes in my photos above are new generation tubes, manufactured in 2012. This is similar to the SBM-20-1, but smaller. Notes on sensitivity: The sensitivity of this tube is comparable with the SI-29BG and the SBT-9. Its small size makes it ideal…


Tube: SBT-9 End Window Geiger tube

July 29, 2015

Pictures: This is a rare Geiger Muller tube with a mica end window that allows it to detect alpha, beta and gamma radiation. It is a good substitute for the LND712 (both pictured above) where a multi-radiatin type detector is required, yet its low availability makes it problematic for any developing project (see uRADMonitor-D). This source indicates the SBT-9 was used in Russian spacecraft: “Vernov and his associates frequently used…


Tube: LND-712 End Window Alpha-Beta-Gamma Detector

July 5, 2015

Pictures: An excellent miniature mica window Geiger tube, suitable for detecting Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation. As of 2015, it was selected for the uRADMonitor D series of radiation detectors. Details: Halogen quenched Geiger Muller tube, with a Mica end window making it suitable for detecting alpha beta and gamma radiation. Notes on sensitivity: The sensitivity of this miniature Geiger tube is amazing, placing it closeto the larger SBM-20. Most…


Tube: SI-22G (CИ-22Г) Sensitive Geiger Muller

October 18, 2014

Pictures: Details: The SI-22G is a highly sensitive hard beta and gamma radiation detector tube, made in USSR during the 80’s for the Soviet Military Needs by the Soviet Institute for Scientific Radiation Technology Research. Notes on sensitivity: This is a highly sensitive tube, thanks to its cathode material and relatively large size. It is perfect for monitoring equipment and DIY dosimeters, superior to the SBM-20 in this sense. The…


Tube: GP-5 (ГП-5)

May 25, 2013

The Svetlana GP-5 (ГП-5) is a glass-envelope beam power triode intended for use as a shunt regulator or pulse modulator in high-voltage systems.


Top 10 Radioactive Electronic Tubes

December 30, 2012

Some of these tubes contain small quantities of Cesium-137, Cobalt-60, Radium-226, Krypton-85. The radioactive elements have been added to increase the electronic response by improving the internal ionization processes.


Tube: IVL1-8/13 (ИВЛ1-8/13)

January 26, 2012

The device consists of a hot cathode (filaments), anodes (phosphor) and grids encased in a glass envelope under a high vacuum condition. The cathode is made up of fine tungsten wires, coated by alkaline earth metal oxides, which emit electrons when heated by an electric current.