Tube: VA-Z320


va-z320-1 va-z320-2 va-z320-3


The VA-Z320 is a mica window Geiger Muller tube, probably for beta radiation detection.


Length (mm): 20
Overall length (mm): 85
Cathode diameter (mm): 30
Mica window diameter (mm): 29
Mica wall density (mg / cm ²): 2,5…4
Work voltage (V): 1450
Remark: counter tube


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  1. Hello,
    Do you know if alpha radiation can be detected using this tube ,providing that has an mica window?

  2. This tube was designed for Beta radiation, but given the extremely thin mica layer used as a window, it would almost certainly detect alphas at a close distance (to minimize the absorption in air).

    The problem in using a tube for anything else that it was been designed for, is that any results are almost arbitrary and would need calibration (a very difficult task to achieve, if accuracy is among the requirements).

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