Yihua 858D Hot air rework station

I tried, but there was no way to properly solder the BME280 tiny sensor using the soldering iron alone. After destroying one sensor and almost damaging the PCB, it was clear I needed a hot air station for my work on the uRADMonitor-D project. I opted for the 858D, also reviewed on Dave’s EEVBlog.
It’s my first time using a hot air station and the BME280 is really a very small package, but had no issues getting it right from the first try. I’ll probably also get some smaller air nozzles, but I already love the small form factor, low noise, and great features for its very small price.

It’s features include: LED display, microcomputer control, warming-up quickly, adjustable air flow and temperature control (allowing soldering of QFP, PLCC, BGA and other temperature-sensitive components).
The specs are:
Power consumption: 650W
Air temperature range: 100°C – 480°C
Brushless FAN incorporated in the air gun
Air flow:120L/MIN
Gun heater material: Ferro-Alloys
Gun heater resistance: 74Ω
Size and weight 26*16.5*14.8 (inner) / 54*35*47.5 (outer box) / 1.75kg

The BME280 is in place:

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