This article is directly related to electronics, high voltage and arcs. Its purpose is to describe one of the latest additons to my High Voltage collection: a ZVS Driver. A ZVS driver is a resonant zero-voltage switching driver.  You can read more about it here

For my variant I've used the following:
- 2xIRFP460 Mosfet / 500V, 20A
- 2x270Ohm 5W resistor
- 2xBYV26E 1000V/1A fast diodes
- 2xZenner diodes
- 0.33 x2 Capacitor
- 2mm Cu wire for the 5+5 turns flyback primary

Schematic is here:
ZVS DRIVER schematics

The Inductor I've use has very few turns, that gives a lot of current on the flyback output. For 14V / 4A input the mosfets stay cool, so a small aluminum cooler was sufficient.
Here is my circuit's assembly:

The arcs produced by this driver are very hot, the copper ground wire goes red quickly, and anything brought close to the arc is incinerated. Be careful if you're planning to build one of these. You can see more high voltage power supplies here.

You may also use the ZVS Flyback Driver with a Ferrite core and a custom made HV secondary, see this article.
Or you can use a secondary with only a few turns of tick cooper wire, to get a current so high, that can melt thin copper wires connected across the output. This would be a High current inverter.

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