Implement Photoshop-like Curves with Leptonica

September 5, 2013

If you’ve used Leptonica, you probably know it’s a great library, but when you want to use it to replicate Photoshop like effects, you will quickly get to want more than what the library provides by default. Take the pixGammaTRC primitive as an example: If you want to modify the lightness of your image, (making it brighter or darken it), or even a simple contrast this might work good enough….


Leptonica saturation deficit workaround

June 28, 2013

While working with Leptonica I had the unpleasant surprise to notice that the saturation function pixModifySaturation was not really working properly (or at least not entirely as expected). First I didn’t even know what was wrong, I just felt it didn’t look right, then I saw that by transforming the saturation in Leptonica with pixModifySaturation , the contrast would be partially lost. Debugging the issue, and using different photos for…


FingerTouch PRO custom layout guide

September 22, 2008

An article showing a quick way to create your personalized software keyboard for Pocket PC. Do you need a specific key? Would you like your keys to be bigger / arranged in a different order? Read this article for more.