Enhance saturation in images programatically

August 9, 2013

Increasing the saturation in an image is equivalent to increasing the “amount of color”, while a completely desaturated image would be a grayscale image. See the images below: Normal Saturated Desaturated Grayscale Logic and Implementation Algorithm The images are composed of pixels. For a RGB24 image, each pixel is a set of 3 bytes, 1 for each of the three color channels: red, green, blue. 1 byte (or 8 bits)…


Leptonica saturation deficit workaround

June 28, 2013

While working with Leptonica I had the unpleasant surprise to notice that the saturation function pixModifySaturation was not really working properly (or at least not entirely as expected). First I didn’t even know what was wrong, I just felt it didn’t look right, then I saw that by transforming the saturation in Leptonica with pixModifySaturation , the contrast would be partially lost. Debugging the issue, and using different photos for…