FDM 3D Printing troubleshooting

August 22, 2022

With so many tutorials out there, so many opinions and also the multitude of printers and filaments available, why another guide? Well, because it is useful for me to keep track of all the issues, hence this blog post. And if useful for more, even better. Hole in the middle with ASA / ABS Filament First layer starts nice, maybe the next 2-3 also go ok, but then parts of…


Covid Coronavirus Face Mask

April 1, 2020

With the supply chains breaking due to the #covid-19 pandemic, some resources are becoming hard to procure. But there are cases when someone’s health or even life, depends on these limited resources. Being a 3D Printer owner, I realise that this is a valuable asset for building things that are otherwise hard to get. Take a face mask for example. With all the 3D printers out there owned by individuals,…