Longitudinal Excitation Nitrogen Laser

Thanks to the excellent work of hboy007, I have decided to try replicating his Nitrogen laser design:

Some other useful details:
– hboy007’s article on Nitrogen lasers
– youtube video 1

– youtube video 2

For my implementation of this idea, I’ve used 2 aluminum ending blocks, a pyrex 3mm tube, 10cm long, my 50KV high voltage supply, and a fridge pump for vacuum (which might not be enough). Without the resonant circuit, here are the first test results:

More soon.

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  1. hello,

    i’m very glad to see i’m not the one who make this style of laser;
    me, i have build a nitrogne laser LE with double cavity, but is it not finish , but the test it’s very good in a conventionnal discharge ( continuous discharge i mean ) but now i want to do pulsed laser with this parts; have you some time to contact me for discute to this “thing” ( excuse my english , because i’m french and … …i’m french lol )
    glad to see you next time in my mail box or you can look my blog concerne my laser atribution, and contribution !!!

    have a nice days my colleague

  2. Hello Nicolas,

    Thanks for your message. You got some really nice stuff on your page.

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