High Voltage Power supply – 50KV

After my first attempt in building a high voltage power supply failed quickly after finishing the device ( I didn’t even have the change to take a film of it), I decided to fix it but to also improve the design. New schematics:
50KV power supply www.pocketmagic.net
First, I had to check all the previously used components:

the HV diodes (12KV 10mA 150nS) all survived. To check them I connected my voltmeter in series with a 50V supply and verified that they only conduct in one way. (You can get these on ebay).

the capacitors (6KV 10nF) one dead, one almost dead. (these are also available on ebay)
capacitors 6kv 10nf
I connected every two diodes in parallel for 12KV 20mA. I connected every two capacitors in series for 12KV 5nF. The new design is actually using two cascades of opposite polarities.

The same textolite board was used. The complete module was submerged under paraffin (instead of oil) to prevent corona. Only the connections have been covered (in case I need to fix it, melting the paraffin can be difficult). Here are some photos with the construction steps and with some sparks (with and without limiting resistor):

The multiplier consists of two branches: a positive multiplier and a negative one. Each has 6 stages, composed of 6 12KV 20mA Diodes and 6 12KV 5nF capacitors, for a total of 12 multiplier stages. Splitting the multiplier in two, helps reducing the ripple effect.

Here’s is a test run, using a limiting resistor, to protect the multiplier components:

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  1. This is a bipolar supply, so there is a (big) difference potential between the negative output and ground (if this is what you were thinking).

    I assume the best option would be a metal case.

  2. verry helpfull article. i am going to build one myself as a powersupply for a ion lifter. i have a few cuestions though:
    -are your capacitors bipolar or not?
    -wich diodes/capacitors do you advice in terms of price
    -i am going to use the flyback of an old tv. how, if at all, do i have to modefy it in order to be usable?

  3. @Constantin, am mentionat si in articol, e vorba de parafina. Am folosit si ulei mineral pentru transformatoare, si e de asemenea o alegere foarte buna. In fine, in functie de parametrii multiplicatorului tau, poti sa lasi componentele in aer, dar sa fii atent la lipituri, imbinari, sa nu fie ascutite, asa cum au procedat cei de la Glassman, vezi aici: http://www.pocketmagic.net/?p=1915

  4. could ask for specifications and type diode and capacitor are you used sir??here I want to make ​​a multiplier with voltage in 500v and voltage out 20kv..now I have used diode with type fr307,but voltage out only 2kv.. what can i do to solve this problem?please help me sir

  5. Hi
    Thanks you so much for the high voltage power. very good 🙂
    I want to know about the type and model of the resin that you apply between capacitors and diodes. Can you tell me about it,please?
    What is the power of your smps?
    I was make one high voltage smps. Its output voltage is about 30kv-5mA . I have one big problem with secondary ground. when I touch it there is some kilo voltages on it and it shark to my hand. I dont know where it comes from? can you give me suggestion to improve it,please?


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