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Posts tagged lcd

Coil Winding machine counter with Atmega8 and Reed relay

A digital counter with a nice LCD display that supports both incrementing and decrementing. Good for various purposes, in this case as a display to a coil winding machine.

Atmega8 and Nokia 5110 LCD

A C++ Library for AVR microcontrollers that allows easy connectivity to the Nokia 3110/5110 graphical LCDs.

NMEA GPS Library for AVR Microcontrollers

An open source library that allows you to use a NMEA GPS Module with an AVR Microcontroller. UART Communication and NMEA Parser is included.

ATMega128 and HD44780 LCD using 3 Wires with the 74HC164

Learn how to transform your HD44780 LCD into a easy to use, serial LCD, that you can connect to your microcontroller using only 3 wires! It’s time to save a few pins, and expand your project’s functionality!

Digital Soldering station ZD937

A short review on my new Christmas gift, a neat digital soldering station, ZD 937, and a quick light installation that I did with LEDS, running directly on mains , 220V, using the ZD937.

Capacitor Discharge Microspot Welder / Cutter

A DIY microspot soldering/welding/cutting device using energy stored in a very large capacitor delivered as precisely calculated pulses to working electrodes.

ATMega8 LCD Game

Create a simple game board and write a little software game for your ATMega8 LCD board.

ATMega8 and DS18B20 (digital temperature sensor)

How to use a digital temperature sensor (DS18B20) with a microcontroller (ATMega 8). Source code included.

ATmega8 and 2×16 HD44780 LCD

A tutorial including source code on how to use a 2×16 LCD (HD44780) with the ATMega8 micro controller. LCD Interface as C++ Class.