Removing a stuck filter from a lens

Sometimes the filter screw can catch some dirt and gets stuck on the lens of your camera.
This is a quick way to ruin a photo outing or trip. Attempting to remove the filter improperly is a quick way to damage an expensive filter or your lens.

To remove the filter even pressure must be applied around the entire ring – otherwise, binding results. You may never get the filter off if squeezing it. Apply a gentle, even pressure and the filter may come off easily. But things can get worse, as dust particles get pressed and block the filter screw completely.

To remove it you would need a tool such as this plastic ring:

But if you don’t have it, you can improvise. Applying even pressure is not that hard. Use a flexible cable covered in PVC, which will give some extra adherence. Make sure you adjust the lens zoom and focus, so you have plenty of space to grab it:

Put the cable around the filter, and try to cover the disc shape usually used to unscrew the filter. Grab the cable with one hand, making sure it has a good grip around the filter. Rotate. The filter will easily come off:

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