Reinstalling Vending.apk (Market) on Android

For some reason I am unable to find the Market app after the last ROM Upgrade (on rooted G1 Android ).

To fix this I needed the vending.apk file, which is the installer for the Android Market. You can find it easily over the Internet.

You can’t install the Market app as a regular android apk (adb install vending.apk), instead you will need to copy it to /system/app on the device, and do a restart.
Step 1. Make the /system partition writable . See this article on how to remount, or do the following:
d:\>adb shell
# mount
(note: you will see a list of partitions, locate the /system one)
# mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3
(note: mtdblock3 is /system on my device)
# chmod 777 /system

Step 2. Copy the Vendink.apk
d:\>adb push vendink.apk /system/app/

Step 3. Reboot
d:\> adb shell
# reboot

It’s easy. And here is the Market app back on my Android:

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  1. im trying to follow ur steps on how to install market into the phone, but im lost, my problem is that i rooted my phone, then i used a rom to make it look kool but now my market is gone and so is rom manager which i need to change my roms. so i dont know what to do, im using the sprint htc hero, pls if u get this i can use some help. thx

  2. hey thanks for your time to make this!
    only i have question (im a noob, so bare with me) when i do -o rw,remount etc. command it responds with permision deniend!

    -temprooted with visionary
    -bugybox installed

    what am i missing?

  3. Re: Dani

    It sounds like you don’t have root permissions. Try typing ‘su’ beforehand. Your prompt should look like ‘#’ if you have root, or ‘$’ if you do not.

  4. Thank you bro. It’s useful for me. I’m gonna use it with my Android phone.

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