Featured by Atmel

Trained as a software developer I’ve been active in the field doing mostly mobile apps since 2003. My first contact with microcontrollers came later, in 2009, and I still remember how exciting it was to see the tiny silicon piece run some code. That was the Atmega8 made by Atmel, and the first app was blinking a few LEDs with a simple software loop and a delay.

Amazed by the potential of this, for me – new technology, progress was rapid, with several microcontroller based projects following shortly:

What I wouldn’t have thought of, back in 2009, was that someday my projects would get into Atmel’s attention, the maker of the glorious microcontrollers that blinked my first leds. With my two Hackaday Prize entries, the 2014 Global Radiation Monitoring Network and the 2015 Portable Environmental Monitor I’m proud of being featured on Atmel’s blog with a 1:1 interview:
Read the interview here. And what’s better then being featured once, is being featured three times!
Building a portable environmental monitor to combat pollution
Modding a wireless rover ‘bot with Atmel’s ATmega128 MCU
Thanks Atmel, both for having me featured, but also for providing the tools that allowed me to express my creativity in the field of electronics.

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