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2014-12-12, Virtualmin Git return code 22 fatal: git-http-push failed

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Using a Rain sensor with AVR Microcontrollers

A simple rain sensor connected to an ATMega8, provides readings on the level of water detected on its surface.

UT50 NaI Scintillation probe

I met some great people today, and I also got a wonderful device for my ongoing experiments as a gift: The UT50 Scintillation probe, manufactured by SC ICPM SA Romania. It features a huge NaI(TL) crystal, with a diameter of 5.5cm and 5.5cm length. The photomultiplier is a British EMI9656KB and the entire device is […]

AVR SDCard FAT support with FatFS

You’ve probably seen or done lots of cool microcontroller projects already, but did you ever consider adding permanent data storage to your projects? I did, and there are numerous advantages: saving data from sensors (data logger), saving configuration files, reading external content like images or songs, and so on! One thing is to connect an […]

Using FS1000A/XY-FST RF Radio module with AVRs

Wireless data transfer can be useful for a variety of projects. I stumbled upon a very low cost emitter+receiver modules pair, and planned to use it for some time now. There are a few variants available on the market, but they do quite the same thing, just the operating frequency might be different (315MHz / […]

Coil Winding machine counter with Atmega8 and Reed relay

A digital counter with a nice LCD display that supports both incrementing and decrementing. Good for various purposes, in this case as a display to a coil winding machine.

Atmega8 and Nokia 5110 LCD

A C++ Library for AVR microcontrollers that allows easy connectivity to the Nokia 3110/5110 graphical LCDs.

Dual H-Bridge for controlling two motors

Build a dual H-bridge board to control two motors.

How to set the AVR Fusebits

Learn how to set your atmega to work with various external crystals, program the fusebits, and build a fusebit doctor to revive your AVRs, in case you wrote the wrong settings .

NMEA GPS Library for AVR Microcontrollers

An open source library that allows you to use a NMEA GPS Module with an AVR Microcontroller. UART Communication and NMEA Parser is included.

ATMega128 and HD44780 LCD using 3 Wires with the 74HC164

Learn how to transform your HD44780 LCD into a easy to use, serial LCD, that you can connect to your microcontroller using only 3 wires! It’s time to save a few pins, and expand your project’s functionality!

Building a robot – Make the robot follow you

Building an autonomous robot using a rover platform and advanced electronics is not an easy job. Kevin asked me to build a robot that would follow its user. A companion, very much like a robo-dog. See the project log here.

DIY/Homemade Radiation Geiger Dosimeter

A digital dosimeter design that can be used with multiple geiger tubes, constructed around the atmega8 microcontroller and a 2×16 LCD. Equipped with a radio Bluetooth module for remote operation.

BMP085 Barometric pressure sensor

The BMP085 is a compact, low power sensor for reading temperature, barometric pressure and altitude. See it in use with Atmel microprocessors.

Temperature and Humidity sensor DHT-22

DHT-22 is a small size, compact, dual temperature and humidity sensor featuring one-wire connectivity.

HC-SR04 Sonar with Atmega8 microcontroller

Build an ultrasonic sonar for non-contact distance measurements, using an Atmega8 and a HC-SR04

uRADMonitor – Online Radiation monitoring station

I’ve developed the uRADMonitor as an Environmental Radiation Surveillance automated monitoring device. Data is gathered in real time, 24/7, and is exported via the Internet to a database online. The data is available in customizable charts for analysis.

Temperature Sensors DS18B20 and DHT11 with Atmega8

Use the Atmega8 with two temperature sensors: the DS18B20 and the DHT-11. The latter also offers relative humidity data.

Atmega8 and enc28J60 for ethernet support

Learn how to create a network interface for your microcontroller projects. Here I have shown an example using the Atmega8 and the enc28j60 . Build a simple Webserver to show sensor data such as temperature or humidity.

Capacitor Discharge Microspot Welder / Cutter

A DIY microspot soldering/welding/cutting device using energy stored in a very large capacitor delivered as precisely calculated pulses to working electrodes.

AVR Studio 5 snprintf / vsnprintf problem with Floats

How to fix the problem with Float variables in AVR Studio

AVR Studio 5 C++ Support

Build C++ projects with AVR Studio 5

Multitester using ATMega8 and HD44780 LCD

An Atmega8 multimeter that can measure Transistors: Bipolar/Mosfet , Diodes and Double Diodes , Resistors, Capacitors: between 0.2nF to 7300μF, Triacs and Thyristors.

NaI Scintillation Probe and Gamma Spectroscopy

A scintillation probe enclosing the regulated high voltage supply, the signal amplifier, the photomultiplier and the scintillation crystal (NaI). Building a DIY counter for a NaI Scintillation probe. AtMega8 and a bluetooth module for wireless data output. A cheap and easy to build homemade dosimeter with applications in spectroscopy.

Android Bluetooth controlled robot – Part 1

Learn to connect a bluetooth module to an ATMega micro controller via the UART serial interface and even further, discover it using a bluetooth enabled Android phone. The 9600bps serial link established, can than be used to exchange data: read sensors or control the robot.

ATMega8 LCD Game

Create a simple game board and write a little software game for your ATMega8 LCD board.

First Atmega8 bot – (Arduino board)

An article about a differential Arduino robot by Rodrigo Nascimento Hernandez

ATmega8 and Hall Sensor A1302

Atmega8 and an A1302 Hall Sensor for sensing the magnetic fields in close proximity.

Perseus 3 Advanced Robot (using Windows Mobile)

Perseus 3, a 4×4 advanced robot featuring an Atmega8 for sensor interfacing and motor control, and a I-mate SP5 smartphone (200MHz) running Windows Mobile 6.0 as robot’s brain. Small weight, powerful trust, and lots of features including WLAN, Bluetooth, Camera, Speaker, Phone-interface (GPRS, 3G), Microphone (for voice commands) and more.

ARA – differential robot platform

A new differential robot platform, with strong gear motors and low power consumption.

Atmega8 with Bluetooth radio module

Add Bluetooth functionality to your microcontroller project (atmega8).

Robo Evolution – how to build a better robot

A not-so-short article on various robot platforms I’ve experimented with. See my latest designs, and learn about my findings on robotics.

A simple H-Bridge design

How to build a microcontroller to control a motor in both ways.

Win Mobile Tech Seminar in Lisbon, 11-12 March, 2009

A few words on the Windows Mobile Seminar held in Lisbon, Portugal, during 11-12 March 2009.
As a speaker at this seminar, I’ve presented a Voice Command Recognition system for Windows Mobile, in my topic named “Extending your Smartphone’s functionality”.

ATMega8 and DS18B20 (digital temperature sensor)

How to use a digital temperature sensor (DS18B20) with a microcontroller (ATMega 8). Source code included.

ATmega8 and 2×16 HD44780 LCD

A tutorial including source code on how to use a 2×16 LCD (HD44780) with the ATMega8 micro controller. LCD Interface as C++ Class.

First steps with micro controllers (ATMega8)

My first microcontroller (Atmega8) experiments, tools, software, tips and photos.