Full metal Delta 3D Printer

January 26, 2016

Finding the right 3D printer is not an easy task, considering the many options on the market. Many sellers claim unprecedented innovation, when instead all they offer is just another open source design at inflated prices. I knew I wanted a delta design, and a robust frame to better control vibrations, preferably metal. For the rest the more hackable the platform it was, the better. I opted for the one…


Yihua 858D Hot air rework station

September 19, 2015

I tried, but there was no way to properly solder the BME280 tiny sensor using the soldering iron alone. After destroying one sensor and almost damaging the PCB, it was clear I needed a hot air station for my work on the uRADMonitor-D project. I opted for the 858D, also reviewed on Dave’s EEVBlog. It’s my first time using a hot air station and the BME280 is really a very…


Comparison of dosimeters

April 3, 2015

Like with all measurements, it will be very hard to find two different devices indicating the same readings, especially when we demand increased precision. We now know that there are no such things as absolute time, absolute space, there are no synchronous clocks. It is the same with the absolute measurements, and in some cases it’s becoming more relevant to observe the change: if we see increasing values, we know…


Bausch and Lomb Microscope

August 4, 2012

Read a post on my new acquisition, a Bauch&Lomb compound binocular microscope, a high quality tool, put to some good use to capture a few micro photographs. It can get up to 1000X with its current optics.


Atten ADS1102CAL Oscilloscope

June 17, 2012

For my first oscilloscope, I opted for the Atten ADS1102CAL. A few months after, I could say I’m extremely happy choosing this robust device, that does an excellent job on my workbench.


Projection keyboard

May 26, 2012

The laser keyboards use laser and infra-red technology to create the virtual keyboard and to project the hologram of a keyboard on a flat surface.


ITON Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

November 7, 2008

A review on two bluetooth HID (Human input device) devices, manufactured by ITON.
The PA-BK02 bluetooth keyboard and the PA-BTM02 bluetooth mouse are some nice wireless alternatives to your current input hardware.


FingerTouch PRO custom layout guide

September 22, 2008

An article showing a quick way to create your personalized software keyboard for Pocket PC. Do you need a specific key? Would you like your keys to be bigger / arranged in a different order? Read this article for more.